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Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to Make a Decorative Paper Chain

Paper chains are great.  You can make them to fit any holiday or special occasion, they can be used for decoration year round, they are relatively easy to make, AND they can be made from mostly recycled materials.

What you need to make paper chains:
1. Paper. I like to use old magazines and catalogs.
2. Scissors (to cut the paper).
3. Tape
4. Creativity


Step 1: Gather all your paper product together.  Hopefully you've found some old magazines or catalogs that we can use.  Scan through the magazines and catalogs and find pictures that stand out to you.  Maybe they have amazing colors to them or neat designs or whatever.  Cut those pages out of the magazines and such and set them aside.  Continue to do this until you have a huge stack of paper.

Step 2: Once you have lots of paper, you can start cutting it into strips.  Try to make the strips even, but make them however thick or however thin you want.  Pile up your paper strips, but mix them up, so that all the strips near each other in the stack are from different pages.

Step 3: Pick up one strip and make a loop.  Connect the two ends of the loop with tape to make a circle out of the paper strip. (It should look like a bracelet.)

Step 4: Pick up another strip of paper and slide it through the center of the first paper circle.  Make a loop, connect the two ends, form a second bracelet-like circle and you have now "linked" your loops like a chain.

Step 5: Continue Step 4 over and over again until the paper chain is the desired length.  Then stop, hang it up, and love it!

Step 6: Clean up all the scraps and any other messes, and enjoy your paper chains!

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